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«Culture is the foundation of the nations existence»

The Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan,
His Excellency Emomali Rahmon

Culture is the pearl of the essence of the nation. Fortunately, in the Independent Tajikistan has created favorable conditions for exploring this rich heritage of the Tajik people. All theaters, exhibition halls, palaces and houses of culture, the Tajik circus, the library with its colorful program is open from morning until late evening. Hasten and rejoice yourself and your family members!

Participation in the celebration of Sada Holiday in Sughd

Before participation in the Sada holiday in the courtyard of the teahouse of the Arbob Palace, the Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon visited Saidkhoja Urunkhojaev enterprise and inspected the process of growing crops under greenhouse cultivation.

Since 2011 with the contribution of farmers 37 greenhouses have been built there, for growing varieties of strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, greens, lemons and other crops.

In 2020, farmers of Saidkhoja Urunkhojaev harvested over 900,000 seasonal flowers, 36.5 tonnes of tomatoes, 5 tonnes of lemons, and 18.5 tonnes of cucumbers. Over 1,600 farmers of Saidkhoja Urunkhojaev have been exempted from single land tax for one year, i.e in 2021 by the instruction of President Rahmon.

Regarding the implementation of the Agrarian Reform Program for 2012-2020, 459 small and large-scale greenhouses have been built in the province, which yielded over 1,500 tonnes of products growing under greenhouse cultivation, including 852 tonnes of tomatoes, 223 tonnes of cucumbers, and 271 tonnes of lemons.

In addition, President Rahmon also participated in the creation of a 7 ha intensive orchard.

The enterprise also has 2,700 hectares of irrigated land, 900 hectares of orchards and 31,000 hectares of pasture and rainfed agriculture land.

In 2020, their orchards yielded 2,120 tonnes of fruits.

Last year, 143 hectares of orchards and 7 hectares of new vineyards were erected in the Bobojon Ghafurov district. In general, on the basis of the Horticulture and Viticulture Development Program for 2016-2020, 2,663 hectares of new orchards and vineyards have been erected and restored in this district.

In 2020, Saidkhoja Urunkhojaev farmers harvested 2,890 tonnes of vegetables, including 1,196 tonnes of potatoes. The same year 23,000 hectares of Sughd land was devoted to planting potatoes, which yielded 512,000 tonnes of the vegetable. In 2021, the land for sowing potatoes in all forms of farming is expected to exceed 30,000 hectares, which is 6,100 hectares more than compared to last year.

President Rahmon also took part in the Exhibition of National Cuisine organized as part of the Period of Rural Development, Tourism and Folk Crafts.

Regarding the Sada holiday, President Rahmon noted its importance as farmers prepare for spring planting by celebrating this ancestral holiday.

Farmers and artisan women of eighteen cities and districts of Sughd Province organized their corners in the exhibition and demonstrated their agricultural commodities and handicrafts.

President Rahmon noted that the organization of such a grand mass celebration, which has become a tradition in the country in recent years, is a sign of unity and solidarity of honorable people of Tajikistan.

He likewise positively evaluated the results of the hard work and great achievements of the people and called the development of agriculture as an important factor in ensuring food security.

On the basis of instructions of President Rahmon on increasing the volume of fruit production and its export, last year an additional 657 hectares of new orchards and vineyards were erected.

In the past year, 207 hectares of intensive gardens were erected in the region, which is a sustainable step towards the development of horticulture and the production of environmentally friendly and natural fruits in the country.