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«Culture is the foundation of the nations existence»

The Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan,
His Excellency Emomali Rahmon

Culture is the pearl of the essence of the nation. Fortunately, in the Independent Tajikistan has created favorable conditions for exploring this rich heritage of the Tajik people. All theaters, exhibition halls, palaces and houses of culture, the Tajik circus, the library with its colorful program is open from morning until late evening. Hasten and rejoice yourself and your family members!

Terrorist and extremist organization Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan is an accomplice of the international terrorist organizations


All terrorist organizations, including the terrorist and extremist organization Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan /IRPT/ whose activity had been banned by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tajikistan, carry out illegal activity.

The reason for the initiated by the IRPT underground activities was to cover their real intentions and to delude people. The IRPT leadership and its organizers, in order to conceal their real aims from the society, especially from its active part, had created three ranks of membership since the very beginning of its activity in 70s of the last century that exist up to now.

The first rank was comprised of members that acted among population and agitated for the party. In Soviet times these members were working in easy and inconspicuous jobs in communal or agricultural sectors (acting as watchman of pumping stations, garages, warehouses and etc.) and they illegally propagated and agitated their extremist ideas among the peasants that constituted major part of society.

When the IRPT became legalized to implement the provisions of the General Agreement on Peace and National Reconciliation in Tajikistan that activity was carried out by intellectuals, some public activists, journalists and other hesitating strata of population that taking advantage of freedom of press praised the IRPT.

The second rank of the IRPT members was comprised of people that  were directly involved in committing heinous crimes like murder, terror of prominent personalities, kidnapping, plunder and assault and they were called warriors of the IRPT. The IRPT leadership didn’t care at all who was murdered and by whom? These crimes were conditioned by not disguising their association with the IRPT (as in case of their disclosure the party would reject their membership) and by reminding the words “Tajik” and “Tajikistan” during the terrorist act.

It is astonishing indeed that when arrested criminals state that they are members of the IRPT and they committed crimes according to the order of their organization’s leadership some members of society don’t take it into account and don’t believe those who want to warn the others on further threats of the IRPT. Why? Because the IRPT leadership and its active members officially state that they don’t have such members, declaring that “we are not familiar with them and we don’t know them”. And they do it simply and without any prick of conscience.
About the third rank of former and acting members of the IRPT as well as about their unforgivable crimes committed against the Tajik nation and state within the three periods of history:

a.    90s – the beginning of the Tajikistan’s state independency;

b.    Years of civil war – after signing of the General Agreement on Peace and National Reconciliation;

c.    Modern period – the decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tajikistan on banning the IRPT’s activity. This will be further discussed through other publications as the society’s interest has increased lately in covert crimes committed by the IRPT leadership and its members. In other words the IRPT crimes are becoming evident for the international community.

Further we will inform the readers about the IRPT members, its branchs’ leaders and comrades-in-arms which according to the order of the leadership of IRPT took part in military operations in Syria. As noted above, for the IRPT leadership there is no difference actually where these wars are waged and against whom they are waged? The main goal of the IRPT leadership is to fight by the name of Islam and under the slogan of “jihad” and to establish contact with other terrorist organizations. It should be reminded, that the arab terrorist Emir al-Khattab who had been later liquidated in the Caucasus, by the invitation of the IRPT clandestinely visited Tavildara district of Tajikistan and conducted his first military operation there.

The guilty conscience of the IRPT’s leadership should be held responsible for the expiation for the sins of many Tajiks who by the direct order of this terrorist and extremist organization fought and died in Syria.

Mr. Tojiboev Saifiddin Mamurovich, born in 1983, resident of Spitamen district of Sughd Province and former IRPT branch leader in Spitamen district. He was in charge of all events conducted by the IRPT in the district. He joined terrorist organization “Jabhat an-Nusra” and was designated by the leadership of this organization as Emir of “Uzbek” Group there. Mr. Tojiboev S.M. up to now fights in Syria and by different ways and methods issues appeal to the youth of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to join the “Jabhat an-Nusra”. He also invited his brother Mr. Ibrohim Inom to Syria who now fights along with him there.

Ms. Mamadshekhova Shoista Zikrilloevna, born in 1977, resident of Spitamen district of Sughd Province and former head of IRPT’s  women cell of this district. Ms. Mamadshekhova Sh.Z. was recruited by Mr. Farrukh Shodmonov, member of the terrorist organization “Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan” (IMU) and together with her two sons – Mr. Urinov Javohir, born in 1999 and Mr. Urinov Begzod, born in 2003 she travelled to location of the IMU group in the Northern Vaziristan Province of Pakistan.

Mr. Sheraliev Faromuz Abduvalievich, born in 1975, resident of Pangoz Jamoat of Asht district of Sughd Province. He studied in religious school of Dushanbe from 1992 to 1994. Mr. Sheraliev F. worked in religious school of “Mutavassila” of Shahidon town of Asht district and in 2004 by the invitation of his brother – Mr. Sherlaiev Abdumannon Abduvalievich, born in 1973, joined the IRPT.

At present Mr. Sheraliev A. is in Urkaine and he writes articles for the IRPT web-site and agitates for the extremist ideology of “Salafism”.

In 2014 Mr. Sheraliev F. joined the terrorist organization so called “Islamic State” and was killed in 2016. His wife and children are in Iraq and they are in touch with Mr.Sheraliev A..

Mr. Ghairatov Muhammadjon Qurbonalievich, born in 1986, resident of Kulob town, known by nicknames “Muhammad-take”, “Kabud” and “Abdusamad”. As a member of the IRPT in 2014 he was sent to Zahedan town of the Islamic Republic of Iran for religious studies by the financial support of his uncle Mr. Ghairatov Abdusamad Ismoilovich, ex-head of IRPT cell in Kulob. Mr.Ghairatov M.Q. afterwards travelled to Pakistan to continue his study, but moved to Syria and joined the ISIS and up to now fights there. He also disseminates videos of extremist content and agitates the Tajik youth for the “Jihad”.

Mr. Tabarov Mirzojuma Ibrohimovich, born in 1988, resident of Nurobod district of Rasht Valley, graduate of secondary school №20. He was taught religious studies by his father Mr.Abdualiev Ibrohim, ex-head of the IRPT branch in Nurobod district. In 2009 Mr. Tabarov M.I. by the initiative of his father entered the religious school of “Badriddin Hasani” of Damask in Syria and studied there till 2012. During his studies Mr.Tabarov M.I. joined the terrorist group “Jeish al-Hurr” and upon returning to Tajikistan began the agitation for this group. In 2017 Mr. Tabarov M.I. was arrested and convicted for the propaganda of the “Jeish al-Hurr” group’s extremist ideology in Tajikistan.

Mr. Rizvonov Abdulvohid Azamovich, born in 1985, resident of Roghun town, ex-member of the IRPT. From 2008 till 2010 he studied in religious school of  “Tajdid ul-Quroy” of Zahedan town of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In 2016 Mr. Rizvonov A.A. was arrested and incriminated for the membership and propaganda of extremist ideology of “Salafism”.

Mr. Isoev Umed Habibovich, born in 1985, resident of Roghun town, active member of the IRPT. From 2008 till 2009 he studied in religious school of “Tajdid ul-Quroy” of Zahedan town of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In 2016 he was incriminated for joining the extremist movement of “Salafism”.

It is becoming evident from this incomplete list that members and supporters of the IRPT carry out their activities by using different extremist groups and religious sects.

The career of the above-mentioned persons indicates that the leadership and active members of the terrorist and extremist organization of the IRPT support many extremist groups. If from one side they follow the “Khomeinism”, from another side they show solidarity to the Movement of “Muslim Brotherhood” and also join the terrorist groups and organizations like “Salafism”, “Jamaat Tabligh”, “ISIS”, “Jabhat an-Nusra”, “Taliban” and “IMU”.

All the above-mentioned persons were the heads of branches of the IRPT and children and relatives of its members. It is also astonishing indeed – why children and relatives of Mr. Kabiri are not taking part in these bloodsheds? This is a question that will be addressed in future publications on the subject.

NIAT “Khovar”